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oneM2M is emerging as a prominent Internet of Things interoperability standard as it provides a common M2M service layer that connects various types of devices on the field with M2M application servers. It has also been adopted as a national standard for smart city implementations in various countries, which makes it very important for students, developers and researchers in the field of IoT system development to learn the fundamentals and capabilities of oneM2M. This course has 17 modules that will introduce you to oneM2M concepts along with relevant exercises that will improve the understanding of concepts learned.


Dr Deepak Gangadharan
Assistant Professor
IIIT Hyderabad

Dr Sachin Chaudhari
Assistant Professor
IIIT Hyderabad

Shubham Mante
MS Student Researcher
IIIT Hyderabad

Vikrant Dewangan
Student Researcher
IIIT Hyderabad